hatching Bantams


11 Years
Sep 18, 2008
Help. I had a mix of chicken eggs and bantam eggs in my 'bator. The chickens all hatched on day 21 but none of the bantams. They candled alive on day 14 and I even saw egg movement from at least one bantam on day 20 but now nothing. I am a first timer. Did I kill them. How long should I leave them in the 'bator? This is day 22.
If you are using a still air incubator, and the eggs are alot smaller, and you were measuring the temps at the top of the large eggs, the small eggs are exposed to cooler temps throughout incubation. If the large eggs hatched right on day 21 then I would wait a few days before giving up on the bantams.
All mine have hatched exactly on day 21 so they don't always go early. I'd wait a day and then start checking them.

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