Hatching bator flooring?


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Aug 26, 2008
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OK I'm thinking positive. 6 eggs are going into a hatching bator on
Wed. - day 18 of first hatch. Just wondering is the screening on the floor of the little giant still air OK for little chicks to stand on or should I put a paper towel on the flooring or a cloth or something. I am also having trouble getting the humidity much over 50% with 2 bowls water with sponges. Just want everything to be AOK! Pretty excited!
I have the LG still air also, and I can't get my humidity to go over 55% for more than a few hours! I put a paper towel down for the chicks when they hatch, but I don't think it really matters. My brother kinda scared me and told me that the chicks can get stuck to the wire when they dry out and die, so I didn't want to take any chances. You might try putting a piece of rolled up paper towel in there, with the end sitting in the water. That should bring your humidity up some.
Thanks for the input. The wire just seems so harsh but I had paper towel in there and thought it might be covering up the other water wells so the humidity wouldn't go up. And I've been reading about that spraddle leg and all the other things that go wrong - startin to get stressed. I've got another day to get it right before these eggs go in there to hatch! - I hope!
Well, since you have sponges in the bowls, you could put the bowls on top of the paper towels. I read on here somewhere that putting paper towels in there brings humidity down as well, though. But like I said, I do it with mine too.
AS far as spraddle leg, I have only had 1 chick with that, and it was most likely caused from my dad 'helping' it hatch. But we taped it's little legs together, and you can't even tell which one it is now!
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Have you had successful hatches this way with the paper towel & humidity around 50-55%? That seems so low or maybe I'm just scared of the membrane drying & having them shrink wrapped! That would be awful!
I have only had two hatches so far:

First hatch-14 eggs set, 12 hatched
Second hatch-6 eggs set, 5 hatched

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Just make sure to put it around the 'ankles', if you do need it. Cut it in half lengthwise, and use the gauze part as the spacer. I tried to do it around the upper legs (or thighs), and it didn't work. Just don't use the fabric kind. That's what I used, and was told to leave it on till it came off on it's own. A week later it was still on. I was so scared that the little thing would move when I was tryin to cut off the band-aid, and I'd get a toe instead!!
Yea Little Giant. Thats a pretty good percentage I would think. This is actually my 3rd set. 4 of my own eggs each time when something picked off all but 1 hen & 1 roo. They started developing but didn't make it past about 8 days. These 6 are from ebay. 5 were cracked. then I got some from a BYCer and 10 are showing good growth. 2 were clear. They are on day10 now.
lol good thing I got cheap band aids! They won't stick as well! Didn't realize this was gonna be so stressful but honestly I don't think I ve ever enjoyed a new hobby as much as this!

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