Hatching Black Swedish from Blue


8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
I know that it is possible to get black swedish from blue swedish parents, but what is the probability?

I am wanting a black swedish duckling really badly, just as a pet (not show). I have been looking around and no one here has them local. My friend was going to place a chick order with ideal, and she also wants 2 ducklings... she doesnt care about breed, just wants to try her hand at them. I know that we have meet the minimum that ideal has set. I noticed however that they only advertise blue swedish, and say some black may be included. How likely is that, and anyone with experience?

I am thinking or ordering 3 female blue swedish and hoping one turns out be be black, and she can have the other two, does that sound about right?
Call them and ask. I suspect that because they will have black Swedish available, and fewer people want them, they will agree to send you a black Swedish.

You would have to place your order over the phone if the web site won't allow you to specify black when you order Swedish.

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