Hatching Buddies? Button Quail Eggs Due 9/10. HATCHING NOW!!!! PICS!!!

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9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
This is the first time that my own quails' eggs began developing. Mama got off on day 3 and never came back so I put them in my incubator!!

Yes, I'm using THIS incubator. This little plastic cheap incubator. Why? Because my REAL incubator is broken and I was planning on fixing it soon, but when I noticed that mama got off I had to use SOMETHING and this was the only thing close to a real incubator I could find. I haven't used this thing in years, and it never hatched anything, but this time I added some features. It has a dimmer and I placed it in my incubator that ISN'T working so the temperature inside would be more stable. I also added mini heat sinks in the little incubator to keep heat in. So far it has worked PERFECTLY. It doesn't move from 99.5 unless I change it or open it.

Here's a closer picture of all 10 eggs. 5 eggs are from my Single factor Blue-faced hen and 5 others are from my wild type hen. These were all fertilized by the same Silver blue-faced male.
Sadly 2 of the eggs from the wild-type hen candled out as blood rings a few hours after putting them in the incubator. It was because they were sitting out in 70 degree weather for 4 hours before I noticed.

*EDIT*: On day 6 I had to go to my grandma's house and spend the night. I took my eggs on the bumpy 1 hour ride. Since the incubator was unplugged I had to wrap it in as many blankets as possible to keep the heat in. It got as low as 91 when I finally plugged it back in. Then on day 9 I had to take a trip back to my house. This time there was traffic. It took an hour and a half to get back! I told my grandma not to turn on the AC. IT GOT TO 100 DEGREES IN THE CAR!! Good for the eggs, but not for my poor grandma.
She actually wanted to though. She really cares about the eggs and made sure she drove extra careful back to my house
I love my grandma!

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I usually candle around day 18 though I will crack the incubator since it is so air tight. I don't want any surprise eggs exploding on me.
Not yet. But I've had the horrible smell of one before. My incubator is air tight and I didn't realize I had a bad egg until I opened it.
i wonder what caused the smell. I did a test years ago to see it an egg will smell just because of dying, so while I was incubating one died so I did the test on that one. I put it in my room. Then I forgot about it. One year later I remembered the test so I went to check it out and it didn't smell at ALL. Not one bit, even after taking a big whiff of it. I think a bad smell would come from bacterial infection, because I did the test again after that with 2 eggs that died at the same time due to a bacteria. I kept them in my room for 2 days and I couldn't stand the smell so I threw them out. The funny thing is that I STILL have the old not-smelly egg in my room to this day. I'm still waiting until it starts to smell. It's been 3 years. Nothing
But I should really get rid of that thing NOW
I'm not setting any more eggs til Tuesday but am watching this thread avidly, as I'm interested in hatching button quail eggs at some point. Keep posting your progress, even if no one else joins.

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