Hatching Chick Requirements in Texas

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    Hello I'm from Texas, and was wondering if Texas has a limit on how many chicks you can hatch from your house? I get my hatching eggs from NPIP certified farms. Would I still have to be certified in any way for me to sell and hatch chicks if they come from farms that provide the hatching eggs, and are regularly checked by the state, and are NPIP certified?
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    Don't ask don't tell.
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    As far as I know you don't need anything to sell chicks from your home. Texas requires NPIP to sell at farmers markets, poultry shows, etc.

    Ask the egg supplier for paperwork. When NPIP you have a form you fill out at time of sale and provide the buyer with a copy. This may not apply to eggs but if you ask your egg supplier they'd surely write one up for you and mail it. All it is is their name and NPIP number, date of sale and what was sold, band number of birds sold if older birds. Chicks are not tested for NPIP and considered pullorium free as they came from an NPIP flock. They are tested as adolescents at time of next scheduled NPIP test or prior to poultry shows.
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