Hatching Chicks in Philadelphia

Hemlock Hollow

Jul 30, 2016
New Ringgold, PA
Hello Everyone!

I am a new BYC member. I have often stalked this page page when I had my class of 5th/6th graders who were visually impaired hatch eggs! Even my one of kiddos who could not really see the chicks running around at all, loved this project. He would just come in during the morning and sit by the box to listen to their cheeping. It was so good to see a very gentle side come out of my students.

However, I did not expect to end up with 23 chicks! (Okay, I was trying really hard to make sure something hatched!) Between my sister and I, we now have an assortment of Rhode Island Reds, Red Stars, White Production Leghorns, Americaunas/Easter Eggers, Ancona, and mixed Bantums.

Anyway, BYC community was great, because a few of the chicks were born where they had very thin skin over their yoke sacs and some "umbilical cords" sticking out. These healed in time on their own and all survived. I was just a little bit of a nervous mother hen.

Have a great day!


Mar 20, 2012
Hi and welcome to BYC! That sounds so fun and I bet they loved the soft feathers too! It sounds like you did a great job with the hatch. If you ever have any questions, always feel free to ask. Thanks for joining us!

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