hatching chicks!!!


10 Years
Nov 26, 2009
Rhode Island
yay! i have to chicks starting to pip!
i know im supposed to put sugar in their water but how much and for how long?
Oh yay! Mine are due today!
Okay, I would take a shallow bowl like plate that is pretty small, then poor about an inch and a half water in the bowl and put marbles or gravel all around the water(Marbles are best) Don't worry! They drink around it, and I have no idea about the sugar this is my first time. Good luck though!
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Whats the purpose of the marbles? I've never added sugar in the water for chicks. This technique is usually used for chicks that have been shipped because they are usually weak from shipment. If you really want to add sugar you can but its definitely not necessary. If you want to add sugar, for the first 2 days add 3 tablespoons of table sugar to each quart of water. That is usually the standard amount. Again, i wouldn't do this but thats just my opinion. Make sure you do however dip the chicks beaks in the water so they know where and what it is.

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