Hatching disaster… Oh, no!


8 Years
May 31, 2011
My first time broody has been doing so well and then when I went to check her i heard a screaming chick. Lifted her up and I noticed she crushed an egg (everybody else is A-OK though).

It was bloody and I know how they tend to bleed to death once that starts so I took it out and got it out of the egg. Well I figured risk the egg sac being not fully absorbed and it dies or let it bleed to death and not check.

Got it out okay, the yolk sac was all absorbed (yes!! V.V
but it did have some bleeding. I stopped that right away but I'm afraid to put it back in anyways, its naval looks real touchy and I'm worried its going get trampled. So instead of getting out the incubator (nasty metal grate would probably snag the belly anyways and i don't really have the time to let it heat up… baby needs heat now.) So into my bra it goes. TMI? IDK but either way its warmer than my hands and safer than under mama right now, and it's getting a little stronger. Not like the other chicks though, who are walking around under mama. So NOW here I am staying up with a chick in my bra on my laptop. Typical teenage night *rolls eyes* I'm too afraid since its weak its going to get smashed, at least this way I know it will live. *sighs*

So much for being hands off with her chicks -_-|||
Yes TMI TMI TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I would if I were you I would make a little brooder, sounds like theres been a lot of problems with these chicks
Hope he/she feels better. But ya a brooder would be good if s/he isnt better soon and not sure you want to fall asleep with a chick in your bra
Such a tender story, you could try and put it under some sort of heating, but I would advise that you put one of the other chicks with it as they are social birds and you do not want it to pine away being lonely. Try and allow it to walk at times to get the strength into its' legs and with a bit of luck, if it is getting stronger you could put it back with the hen. I would suggest the latter idea as it will copy the other chicks and can go under the hen whenever it gets cold. Good luck with the little sibling, may it grow stronger each day for your sake. Sandy
Oh if I had a brooder... These are hatching with my broody. The chick that hatched is still weak but its warm and cheeping more. I talk to it every now and then and it cheeps back so I think it'll get stronger. The other eggs are still hatching but my hen is devoting herself to her hatched chicks now and I'm noticing a growing trend of her growing impatient with the rest. It's her first time brooding and some have pipped and not zipped. I'm leaving them well enough alone though. They can breath and are under her… but she seems like she isn't totally sitting on them now like she was (half standing)

Come on Chicken, there's four more!

Anyways my tmi chick still has me worried but it's rather talkative now. Good sign! Still not trying to stand and seems to like to remain in egg position. Had a duck like that once, it ended up living and growing strong and i did the same thing i'm doing now. Staying up all night keeping it warm and talking to to it.

Your right about them being social, I think chicks who are weak but don't get any nurturing are more likely to give up… could be my imagination though. I just can't ignore the cry of them or scream. I like to hear those happy cheeps!

Thanks for being supportive ^^
I'd make a brooder from some kind of container and a droplight with a 60 to 100 watt bulb depending on the size of the container.
You could temporarily put some bottles or jars filled with hot water in there. A heat pad works too.
That way it can walk around, put paper towels on the bottom. Then when it's mobile give it some slightly sweetened water, dip its beak to make sure it drinks.
What I'd like to do is put it back with the rest as soon as I can. When It can hold it head up I'll feel better… I'd really like my hen to raise all the chicks herself I just want this one to be strong enough to put in with her. I'm starting to think I'll just start my incubator up for it so it's warm. Since it's not moving around all that much it may be whats best right now. Like a hen without danger of being smashed. I'd go make a brooder but its also 3:33am here and it still is going to take a while to warm it up so I might as well just use the incubator and put something down over the metal grate
I've got awful and very depressing news. It's apparent to me now that my little chick is broken and no amount of TLC or warmth is going save it.

Its necks completely limp and it won't open it's eyes, it can't stand at all but sort of push itself around the incubator. It cheeps a lot, but I think it's back is damaged or deformed and it seems to hurt it. I feel sick... It's so happy when I hold it and cheeps happily but I can't save it. I don't think there's too much worse than that. I should cull it but I can't, and I'm pretty sure it'll pass away within 48 hours anyways.

I've been through this before but it still hurts, and despite the fact I know this happens all the time I'm having a hard time not crying. I know people who hatch a lot are more used to this but... Still.

On the positive side all the other chicks but one are out and healthy and that chick is almost out. So 11/11 fertile eggs hatched.... If you include the damaged one... But the rest are moving all over the place under their mama. So I've got them.

Btw I ended up hatching the last 4 in my incubator because mom is too distracted with babies to noticed her others being shrink wrapped and chilled. They're fine now though.
Good move. If they don't all hatch close together they get left.
A strong shears will put it out of its misery pretty quick.
Not for the squeamish but humane.
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You know I go from hope to no hope to an amazing breakthrough... Okay this chick looked so bad. Gave it a few hours same as above. Took it back out and cuddled it before giving in to fate and sticking it back in the incubator. Then... About an hour later (or less idk I couldnt really sleep, I kept hearing it cry out)
I went to check to see if it rolled flat on its back again and omg it was holding its head up and finally opened its eyes after hours of limp neck and shut eyes.... It's okay! I haven't seen one recover that dramatically, I mean it couldn't even MOVE its neck.
Also when I heard it crying it wasn't pain this time but "mama!!" so I held I and examined it yet again... Idk how it did it...

So it looks like my rather nasty experience here may just have a good ending after all.
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