Hatching Duck Eggs in Incubator


9 Years
Sep 21, 2010
New England
Hi I am trying to hatch some call duck eggs in my incubator, the only issue is that the incubator won't fall below 110 degrees. Is this way to hot for my duck eggs? Is there any chance for them?

Should I buy a broody hen? If so whats a good breed to hatch them?

Anything over 103 is to hot. It needs to be 99.5.

A broody would be a good idea. My experience is that call ducks are very hard to hatch in an incubator compared to other eggs.

Coochis an silkies are the breeds pointed to most for hatching.
If you've already got the eggs you need to try to regulate your incubator. Even if you were lucky enough to find someone with a broody hen this time of year, the act of moving her would most certainly break her up. This means that, although she may have been broody at her home, moving her to yours will probably make her quit. Unless you can find someone willing to 'rent' you a broody, where you leave the hen at their place and put your eggs under her, though it would need to be someone you can trust...few and far between these days.
There should be a way to adjust it? If mine is used in a different season or if the dial gets moved, it takes about a day of hourly checking to get it just right. This time was a new house in a new city, so it took 3 days to get it just right. I ended up putting it in the basement since that's the most stable and least drafty area of the house.

Besides getting the temperature just right, duck eggs require a misting of water (to be the wet momma duck coming back from a swim). When I hatched some Pekins, I did a fine mist when I turned them.

But yes, 110 is way too hot.

Is this a home made or store bought incubator?

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