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    Mar 8, 2008
    My success on hatching eggs is pretty much a flop at best.There is one thing that has me wondering. Before i get ahead of myself i am talking about shipped eggs. I thrash dozens at a time in the trash can for one thing or another. But lets start at the begining when you get your eggs unwraped.What is the proper time frame to put eggs in the bator.The norm that i sometimes here is 8 hours. I hear other people say 12. I talked to a lady that sent me 14 gorgous blue cuckoo marans today and she said she lets her eggs set for 2 days. I asked how do you know how old the eggs are. she said they should be fresh and two days will never hurt. Maybe the top end egg sellers that most of the time are near imposible to get, and we are stuck with ebay.Dont get me wrong there are alot of great sellers on ebay but there is alot of them that will give you anything and say how fresh they are and as soon as heat hits them your nose starts to curl. So my question is how long do you let eggs set thanks for your reply.
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    i'm an ebay seller, not all of us r bad,lol and eggs should be 3 days old or less when shipped. if i have only a couple breeders for a certain breed i don't let it go past 5 days or i offer lower amount of eggs to get them out as fresh as possable.

    when i get them in i let them settle for 6 hours before i set. however that time frame varies by personal opinion. the longer u let them sit before incubation the lower the hatch rate can be cuz fertility goes down.
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    I let mine sit anywhere from 12-24 hours. I have also let them sit for 2 days just depends. I also let them sit upright in the bator for a day or two and I don't turn them. I was told it helps to settle the air sacks if they are loose. It all depends some people can't wait and put them in after 6 or 8 hours. It's up to you. Good Luck
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    Jan 30, 2007
    I'll say this...any shipped eggs are risky first off...sometimes I can get a great hatch sometimes I get diddle and I have hatched out hundreds of chicks....

    I've let them rest from 6 to 12 hours and even overnight....good and bad hatches out of all those different hours setting....

    You just have to trust who is sending them to you...I have never had someone send me bad eggs ...if anything goes wrong I blame myself or the shipping stress.....

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