Hatching egg offer for pick up ONLY in NE NC

hazelton farms

12 Years
Jan 4, 2008
Ok.. well, I've been going to the hosp. the past couple of days because my six year old daughter's appendix burst. So, that left my 13 year old and 15 year old here picking up eggs. They've mixed up the guineas and the bantam cochins. Not usually something you COULD mix up, but in this case, the guineas are new layers and their eggs are still smallish. Some are easy to tell apart, some are NOT.

Is anyone nearby just desperate to fill up their bator? I've got 86 orp. eggs, 9 'unknow' eggs and 56 most likely bantam cochin eggs (but possibly a few guinea).

If you're close by and can pick them up from me tomorrow before 11AM, you can have 'em all for $20 (the amount of gas money it's taking me to get back and forth to the hosp. each day). I can meet you on my way to the hosp. tomorrow which is in Portsmouth. I'm in Gates. I know it's a long shot...but hey.. can't just see them go to waste completely..

I know most likely there's no one nearby that needs to fill a bator, but thought I'd put it out there. We're not going to be putting these in because I just don't have that much room right now.

Wish I had the room for all the eggs, but no such luck.
Bator is very full. Hope that your daughter is doing better.
Thanks FC.. She was better today than yesterday and that's a good sign!

sharon, I wish you could take 'em too!!

I definitely hope your daughter continues to recover quickly, I know just how scary it can be with a little one needing such urgent care. I will be thinking of you. You may also want to see if you can post them to your local craigslist...

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