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    Our pure breed Brahma Light hens are antibiotic, hormone and cage free. The Brahmas are on the ALBC watch list, click this link if you’d like more information about this large, gentle, hardy, brown egg laying breed http://www.albc-usa.org/cpl/wtchlist.html#chickens.

    hens have a mobile house, the style that allows for moving to greener pastures often. Their job is to control the grass and weeds, scratch and work the soil. There are naturally raised which for us means their supplemental feed is purchased from our neighbors and ground here on our farm.

    Shipping is $15 USPS Priority mail. Please contact us directly if you’d like to arrange another shipping method.

    I offer no guarantee on your hatch but operate on the 80/20 rule. Also the overall condition of the eggs upon arrival at your home is out of my control. I will diligently wrap each egg separately and use foam to provide the best safety possible. Eggs are a precious commodity so I’ll do my best to ensure you have you have the largest number possible to incubate into healthy peeping chicks.

    Personally I am a Brahma Light fan. Fan isn't actually big enough a word but let me share the qualities I value in these chickens. I've had experience with a handful of breeds; Buff Orphington, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red to name a few. There is no 'undesirable' breed of chicken as they all have their strengths. My desire was for large brown egg layers, that were cold hardy for our Michigan winters and of a heritage breed that I could enjoy for my own use and propagate the breed for others. Oh, and that hard to describe but you know it when you experience it, gentle demeanor.

    My experience with my Brahma Lights substantiates everything I'd read about the bird. My girls are huge and my rooster is tall and magnificent. They are not a talky bunch, they are awesome foragers and friendly with an absolute absence of hostility or aggressiveness in the nesting box or in the field.

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