Hatching eggs arrived- Broken! Wash off surviving eggs or no?


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I just got my hatching eggs but many are broken and the egg mess in on the surviving eggs. Wash them off or not before putting them in the incubator?

What does this do to the hatch viability? (The egg mess and the rough handling?)

That is unfortunate about your broken hatching eggs
Yes i would wash off the un-brocken eggs. This will effect viability but not as much as if you left the yolk and other liquids on the eggs. I have bought washed eggs and have had 50% hatch rates. I would contact the seller and explain what happened. Maybe if you pay shipping they will replace them.
Sending Hatching vibes your way

That's actually a tough question with a lot of answers!

I would give them a quick scrub of sorts, with my hands under running lukewarm water. Then I'd let them rest an hour or two and set them. Everyone has different experiences with this. But I'd go with quick rinse and wipe, no soap since shells are porous.

The main thing is to get the goop off or you may have bacterial buildup. This is one hatch you REALLY want to keep your nose to! Good luck, let the seller know packing may have been inadequate.
Ok, washed them, dried them and now they are waiting to go in the incubator... Thanks for all the help!

Crossing my fingers....

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I had the same problem and got one to hatch out of 6 that made it. Thought I was pretty lucky all in all. The guy I bought them from did send another batch though and that was better got 5 out of 12 that way. I no longer use shipped eggs but hunt down local folks. I've been pretty lucky here in Missouri. We have a NPIP Poultry Yearbook that lists the breeds that folks have. Helps a LOT in finding breeds.

Has anybody thought about the disinfectant wipes for this? They clean and don't contaminate. Just a thought.
They should still hatch, just be careful when washing them. Don't rub them and make sure to use warm water. Rinse the egg off and wipe it gently, if the 'goo' is stuck on them wrap them in a damp paper towel for a while until it comes off easily. Put them in the incubator as soon as you are done patting them dry. If the eggs haven't been completely scrambled inside they should be okay.

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