Hatching eggs box damaged in shipping


Aug 28, 2016
One of my sweet BOs went broody last Wednesday. I ordered fertile eggs from My Pet Chicken Thursday morning.

When I saw that tracking say they were delivered to my post office this morning, I called right after. The lady I spoke with kept thinking I was asking about chicks. I corrected her a couple times and said a package of eggs arrived there and to please hold them as I would pick them up at 4 PM. She said she would take care of it. I called back an hour later and spoke with someone else who didn't see a box being held.

At 4 PM I stopped at the post office (small town) and no box was there being held for me. The lady I spoke with first this morning said no chicks ever came in. And I said AGAIN they weren't chicks. It was box being shipped to me that NEEDED to be held.

I rushed home and found the box on my porch. It was clearly labeled fragile and the box was very damaged. Crunched on a corner and ripped open on a side. Plus the label clearly said call on arrival wirh my name and number.

I brought it back to the post office and opened it with the lady right there so she could see how damaged it was and that the label said to call (and that I had called twice asking for my package to be held). She kept saying she thought they were chicks being delivered.

When I opened the box there the eggs were outwardly undamaged so I brought them home (in tears).

I called My Pet Chicken for advice. They told me to let them rest an extra day before giving them to my broody tomorrow evening instead of this evening.

But what should I do about the post office? Incredibly mishandled box in transit. Local post office not honoring my request of holding a package for me, not following the label directions, and leaving a "fragile" package clearly damaged on my doorstep?


May 28, 2017
Carl Junction, MO
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I would call and make a formal complaint. I had to do this with my shipping eggs that came because they shoved all of the boxes on their sides into a big box and left them on my porch! All of the air cells were damaged so I have been babying them.


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I'd do the above and I might also file a claim to see if you can get money back on the shipping at least. You might not need to show that the eggs were damaged. Pictures of the damaged box that clearly says fragile, the label saying to hold it, and the tracking info showing it was not held and was delivered. You can include in the claim that you also called the post office to ask that they hold it and they didn't do it even though you called. Can't hurt to try.

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