Hatching eggs - Ducks & Geese of any breed in Michigan

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  1. allergymama

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    Apr 26, 2014
    We are seeking to increase our flock and apparently got rid of our only fertile male after he bloodied up too many of our girls. These ducks and geese are specifically for eggs, so we are looking for some good egg laying stock: pekins, rouen, WH, etc. Mixed breed eggs (mutts) are ok, too! We also want to include a few geese, and are good with any not too aggressive breeds (kids!)

    We would like to keep our money in the state if we can (and increase likelihood of hatch by a shorter travel distance). Thumb area is preferable, but we can travel a little to come and pick them up.

    6-8 duck eggs
    3-4 goose eggs
    Price is negotiable...they made me put an amount in. ;)
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  2. misfitmorgan

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    Nov 20, 2014
    Mikado, Mi
    We have muscovy, pekin and rouen ducks but they are not laying yet. We live in mikado, mi.

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