Hatching eggs For sale for shipping CA taking waiting list.

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  1. Angi_H

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Hanford Ca
    I am now taking orders for a waiting list for the following breeds.A NON_ REFUNDABLE Deposit info after each breed. I also take paypal only.

    Cuckoo Maran (Kelly Cratty lines very very dark eggs)
    $35.00 Doz only the darkest eggs and $12.00 half doz + extras if any A NON- Refundable Deposit of $10.00 for doz and $5.00 for half doz due at booking. Final due when notified of shipping coming up.

    Standard Dark Cornish

    $15.00 a doz $5.00 Non Refund Deposit plus shipping

    Coturnix Quail

    15c an egg min of one doz. plus shipping

    Indian Runner Ducks in the following colors penned sep.
    Fawn and White, Fawn with blue fawn Drake, Fairy fawn
    $12.00 a doz with $5.00 deposit

    Royal Palm Turkeys Only 6 eggs at a time shipped for freshness.(Sand Hill Lines)
    [$45.00 for 12 eggs plus $10.00 deposit plus shipping

    Black Mottled Turkeys (Porter lines)

    $45.00 a doz $15.00 deposit plus shipping

    Welsummer's (Braden lines) later in the spring early summer $25.00 a doz plus shipping $10.00 deposit.

    Bantam Birchin Cochins SQ Only 6 eggs at a time $ 8.00 per half doz plus shipping

    All egg prices are plus shipping. Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You back out you loose out. You dont pay when it is your turn or don't get back to me when I email you you loose your place in line and get moved down the list. You must get back to me when I email you with in 24 hrs. Express if available if you want to pay for it. E-mail me for prices.

    I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and pack in packing peanuts and bubble wrap. I mark on the box fragile. I ship priority mail shipping on Mon, Tue, Wed, And Fridays depending on holiday status. Due to the way the PO handel the eggs do not guarentee them. They treat them badly at times. And the PO no longer allows us to buy insurane for EGGS. But please let me know how they arived. I have good feedback on OVABID And EBAY. [​IMG]

    I take paypal only e-mail me for paypal address and for name on list.

    If you would like pictures let me know.
    Also any questions email them to me.
    Angi Harrover
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  2. fowlfriends

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Battle Ground, Wa
    Hi, I sent a PM, but have not heard back just yet. Still planning on selling Standard Dark Cornish eggs? Thanks!
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  3. eggchel

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    Dec 26, 2006
    Both Coasts
    Fowlfriends, try contacting Angi via her email.
  4. KKluckers

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Fowl friends I just got eggs from Angi (quail). I know she was advertising the dark cornish yesterday. I think it is best to email her. [​IMG]
  5. Angi_H

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Hanford Ca
    Sorry about that BYC was not posting to me in my email when I had a message which it is supposed to do
    I am headed to answer pms will wirte a message back on here when I get done. Oh And I got the First Royal Palm eggs today woo hoo
    Try contacting me through my email. I will pm you as well.
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  6. Angi_H

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    Nov 19, 2007
    Hanford Ca
    [​IMG][​IMG] I am so very sorry guys. I have no idea why I was not notified of any messages or privet messages in my email box. This is very strange. Again I am so very sorry for not getting back to you all sooner. I just tonight got a notification that someone had responded to my post here.

    Please Email me for orders through the email me button under my name. You will be able to reach me there. Again I am so very sorry. I have sent pms to all who have sent me a pm since November. I would still like to find out why I was never notified of any pms or messages posted to here sent to my email address. I got one tonight but not before that. And yes I am subscribed to the post. I have also added I will now have the late spring early summer Welsummers from Braden Lines.

    Angi Harrover
    HHH Farms
    HHH_Farms and I have a wildblue.net email address for the farm best to contact me there. If you email me I check it every night. When I am not at a show. Website to come.

    Here is a much better email


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