Hatching Eggs for Sale~ W. Silkies, RI Whites, EE in TX Will ship!


11 Years
Apr 9, 2008
I have hatching eggs for sale. All prices below include USPS Priority Shipping anywhere in US, including Hawaii and Alaska.
White Silkies, both bearded and non-bearded, 6 eggs for $17
RI Reds 20 eggs for $30
RI Whites 20 eggs for $40
Mixed Color Ameraucanas (EE) 12 eggs for $30
White Ameraucanas (EE) 20 eggs for $40
New Hampshire Reds 12 eggs for $30
Will mix and match if you like.

All eggs that are shipped are pulled off the nest the day of shipping. You only get fresh eggs from me. Email me at [email protected].

Danny D
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