Hatching Eggs from our Heritage and Rare Laying Breeds of Chickens--Dominiques, Black Australorps, D

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    We have hatching eggs available from several of our Heritage and Rare Laying Breeds of Chickens. The price of $35 is for one dozen eggs and includes shipping costs. We do send a few extras if available at time of shipping. We ship Mondays and Fridays. Available breeds are:
    Black Australorps
    Red Dorkings

    Please PM me for more information and availability of shipping dates. [​IMG]

    Please remember that we can not be responsible for shipped eggs once they leave our hands. We pack eggs very well and try to get them to you safely. We have chicks from all these breeds in the brooder and our fertility is very good on all breeds. Eggs will be shipped UPSP and we all know that the postal system is rough on eggs. That is the risk we all take when purchasing shipped hatching eggs. If you have any question please feel free to ask.
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    GOODLUCK how long have you been selling fertile eggs ?
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    Please elaborate on how you pack your eggs. I have heard some horror stories.


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    Aug 31, 2012
    Are you NPIP?
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    Not sure what you are asking? We have been shipping eggs from these birds since about September and having great fertility.
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    Jun 29, 2010
    Jasper Co., S.C.
  7. RedBugPoultry

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    Jun 29, 2010
    Jasper Co., S.C.
    We have had very good luck with packing and shipping our eggs. If we ship 12 to 18 eggs we wrap each egg in a strip of paper towel (if we are shipping small eggs we put them in bubble warp and then in the carton) and snug it in a half dozen egg carton making sure there is no movement of any egg. We tape the carton very well so it does not open and tape the (2 or 3) carton halves together...we then wrap the attached cartons with bubble wrap and nest them tightly in paper. We make sure there is at least an inch or more packed space between the eggs and the side of the box. If we ship more than 18 eggs we bubble wrap all the eggs and nest them together in a bag(such as a walmart bag) and wrap that with bubble wrap or put them in a small box and double box them. We have been shipping guinea and chicken eggs for some time and have had very good luck with our shipping and hatch rates.

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I have not been getting reply from this sale so I did not think anyone had written.....

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    We have been raising different breeds of chickens and our guineas for over 7 years here on our piece of Southern Plantation. We have just recent, in the past 4 years, developed an interest in breeding Heritage and Rare Laying breeds of chickens. We are adding Wheaten Ameraucana(hopefully) to our birds this year. We have been shipping guinea eggs for some time and though we can not control how eggs are treated by the postal service once they leave our hands we try very hard to make sure they make it to their destination unbroken.

    I also want to say, if you want a timely response to you question it might be better to PM me! Thank you all for your interest in our eggs! And yes, we will have guinea eggs this spring from our flock of 10+ colored guineas!
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    Do you sell any pullets or hens, by chance, or is it just the eggs? I live in Colleton County, and I am desperately searching for girls for my Delaware Rooster.
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    May 1, 2013
    I may be interested in getting some dominique hatching eggs. If I bought a full dozen would this be mixed or could I get all dominique eggs? Do you have any idea when the next shipment would be? Lastly, are these birds hatchery stock or breeder stock dominiques that you are have eggs from? Thank you!!

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