Hatching Eggs: Golden Cascade and Penciled Runner

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    The ducks are laying very well and fertility is excellent! On offer are hatching eggs for the following breeds at $40 per dozen plus shipping from Pomfret, MD (zip: 20675):

    Golden Cascade: Developed by Dave Holderread in the 1980's, this is a beautiful dual-purpose breed in the medium weight class of about 6-8 pounds at maturity. Young drakes quickly grow to good harvest weight and dress out around 5.5lbs at 12-16 weeks. The girls are amazing layers of very large white eggs. These gals produce 240+ jumbo large white eggs annually weighing about 3.3 oz - that's a big egg! A wonderful, calm natured breed, they're easy to work with and good foragers when provided with appropriate areas to explore. An excellent homestead duck!


    Penciled Runner: Originating in the Far East it's a very unusual looking ancient breed. A lightweight duck that's slender and stand upright... imagine a bowling pin with legs and are beautiful to watch running in groups. Very active foragers and good layers, they're a little high strung but can be raised tame - they're active right from the start, these exuberant babies will spring out of your hands eager to explore their new world. Egg yield is about 220 white or blue shelled eggs averaging 2.8 oz. They're a interesting duck to raise.

    All photos are property of Moose Manor Farms, LLC and are recent pictures of my birds. Eggs are gathered daily, stored properly, and well packaged for shipping. I ship unwashed eggs no more than 4 days old. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate because I have no control over the incubation conditions with which you use to hatch them. Temperature variance may result in hatch failure or weak babies at hatch! If your thermometer is inaccurate, if you suffer a power failure during incubation, if your incubator is dirty: all these issues are simply beyond my control.
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