Hatching Eggs in Fayetteville NC

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  1. We hatch and sale these pure breed chicks or hatching eggs. We will ship eggs but the baby chicks are available for pick up only.

    Assorted Colors of Bantam Silkies - Your dozen will hatch with black, blue, partridge and white colored Silkies. These girls are pet quality, great mothers and will go broody often. $15.00/Dz.

    Black Ameraucana/Easter Eggers (50% Pure Ameraucana/50% Easter Egger) Our bloodline is from Paul Smith/ Dan Blehm. A breed very unique in coloring that lay tinted colored blue eggs. $20.00/Dz.

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - Rare color of a Wyandotte and we have some of Foley's bloodline in our birds. $12.50/6 Eggs

    Cuckoo Maran Cochin Bantam - a unique and small breed we are currently working with. $12.50/6 Eggs

    French Black Copper Marans - Rare lightly feather legged chickens that lay dark brown eggs. $20.00/Dz.

    Blue Orpingtons - Good mothers and great layers of about 220 to 250 eggs per year. Your eggs will hatch mostly black and blue color chicks. $25.00/Dz.

    You can visit us at http://www.fayettevillepoultrychicks.com/ or contact me via phone call/text to Jeremy 910 977-9759
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