Hatching eggs - lots of mixes, 2 bantams & 2 pure Black Copper Marans

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    Eggs are $10 + $15 shipping!

    I always keep some eggs back as insurance when we're out of town. Fortunately, all is well and I won't be needing my hatching eggs. These were gathered on Saturday, December 29th. There are 15 eggs.


    2 bantam eggs from our Old English Game Hen or Mille Fleur d'Uccle. They could be pure or mixed with a Black Copper Marans rooster.

    2 Black Copper Marans eggs (pure)

    2-3 Black Copper marans & Orpington mixes (cute chicks!)

    The rest of the eggs are various mixes from our flock. They're from a coop with an Orpington rooster or a coop with a Black Copper Marans rooster. Could include Orpington/Leghorn, Orpington/golden comet, Black Copper Marans/white rock, BCM/Golden Comet, etc.

    Shipping is $15 and your eggs will be individually wrapped. Thanks for looking!

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