Hatching Eggs / NNxSilkie / Frizz / Am' / BRock / to ship Mon. from SC

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  1. Hi!
    I'll have a dozen of each of these fresh (laid 22nd, 2rd, 24th) available to ship Mon, 2/25 --- tomorrow!

    ~Naked Neck Silkie crosses
    These are from blue and black dark-skinned naked neck hens (Naked Neck x Silkie crosses)
    with a blue/red frizzled naked neck roo (Naked Neck x Silkie x frizz Cochin).

    These are from all frizzled hens (blue and black frizzle Cochins, blue and black frizzled CochinxSilkie crosses,
    and naked neck frizzled CochinxSilkie crosses)
    with a smooth 'lemon blue with the barring gene' Cochin roo.

    Blue, splash, and black hens with a black roo.

    ~Barred Rock

    Price is $15.00 per dozen plus 'actual shipping'.
    I'll need your zip code to plug into usps postcalc to get a total.

    You can see pics on 'my page'.

    Thanks [​IMG]
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  2. I want some frizzle and americauna Lisa.
  3. Hi Jada!
    You want Frizz and Am's shipped tomorrow? I thought you wanted to wait til after 3/10.
  4. Yeah, sorry Lisa. Send them to someone else. I'll wait til the 10th. One of those days.
  5. [​IMG] You can have them now if you got room for them.
    Lol, I'd just written "email Jada for 3/10 ship" on the calender.

  6. LinckHillPoultry

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    Jan 17, 2008
    Ahh! Wish I could get some frizzles and ameracaunas! Don't have room for them now, I've got 25 chicks that'll be coming and will need my brooder.
    When I have room for them I'll contact you!
  7. Thanks Lisa, I really appreciate it!
  8. Still available and can ship first thing tomorrow morning [​IMG]

  9. tiffanyh

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    Apr 8, 2007
    hi Lisa!
    Quick question. My chicks are doing well from your eggs. I got 2 NN and both seem to be frizzles (the feathers on the tips of their wings turn out). THe other tow are not. If tehy are not frizzles, what are they?? I cant remember. The eggs were labeled N and F but I dont know which these came from. Just curious!!!!
    Thanks so much!

    Sorry, I lost your email and coudl PM you! Didnt mean to hyjack the thread!! [​IMG]
  10. HiJack away [​IMG] This thread isn't good for much else, lol.

    You *could* get naked neck frizzles from the Naked Neck pen (N) or the Frizzle pen (F).
    The Frizzle pen is all frizzle hens with a smooth Cochin roo. The chicks hatch 50% frizz and 50% smooth.
    Frizzle pen
    There are a couple of NN frizz girls in the Frizz pen so there is that possibility.

    The Naked Neck pen has all naked neck hens with a frizz naked neck roo.
    The chicks hatch 50% frizz and 50% smooth, but are almost always naked neck.

    So, your feather neck chicks are most likely smooth Cochin or Cochin crosses from the Frizzle pen.
    Unless they are dark-skinned and/or silkie feathered, then they'd be from the Naked Neck pen.

    I hatched a delightful vaulted skull splash *Silkie- looking* chick from the NN pen, but it's frizzled. Way cute [​IMG]

    Are you confused yet?
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