Hatching Eggs- packing, shipping & other helpful info

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  1. We need a thread with all the different methods of packing eggs, shipping them as well as chicks, etc.

    Could folks share what works best for them? I have seen great BYC pages, and threads, but it would be helpful to have it all in one spot. Nifty will make a sticky or some type of FAQ with the info.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mods, I wasn't sure where to put this, so I am starting here.
  2. I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap. Here is how each egg looks after it is wrapped.


    Then I nestle the eggs into the box thats filled with shredded paper. I pack the corners of the box with more paper, to reinforce it, and I also pack lots of padding along the sides of the box, so there is no way the eggs will be touching the sides of the box.

    I also label the box "FRAGILE", and "Handle With Care".
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  3. Thanks for the replies so far. Keep 'em coming. I do like the single egg wrap method for sure. [​IMG]
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    The flash washed out the color of these eggs, but you get a good idea of the paper I use to pack eggs in. I do send buyers a warning to open the box outdoors because of the mess. The material comes from a large government office paper shredder... hubby brings it home from work.
    I used to bubble wrap each egg but it took so much time!! This is faster. After filling the egg carton, I bubble wrap the carton put it in a box, and then fill the box with the shreaded paper. Its worked great.
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  5. Peachick. I love the green aspect of this. [​IMG] So no broken eggs, in general? This would be so much faster then wrapping each egg.
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    Aug 8, 2007
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    Yes... others have commented on it being 'GREEN" as well.... so far everyone has loved the packing material.... hubby origionally brought it home to use as bedding material, but the chicks were eating it and I think they couldnt digest it and then starved... so after you get it, recycle it as packing material or add it to the compost pile!

    Only once did eggs arive broken.... I mistakenly forgot to bubble wrap and tape the carton... some eggs surivied, but I gave buyer a full refund.

    If you dont have access to this type of paper.... saw dust would do well too.
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    I don't have pics, but the easiest one I had to unpack was similar to peachick's. The eggs were in a carton with clean shavings stuffed so the eggs couldn't move. Then the whole carton was bubble wrapped and put in the box so it was unable to move, with more bubble wrap(larger type). It was the quickest and easiest to undo and the eggs fared well. As someone that orders eggs (too frequently [​IMG] ) it takes a LOT of time to get all these eggs undone. I love them being individually wrapped but the time to undo it all makes it difficult for me (with 6 kids I usually have to wait until they are in bed). I think my first batches I send out will try the shavings, free of course [​IMG] just to see how they do.....

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