Hatching eggs pre-order 2013 (a fun mix of eggs that will be mixed breed chicks)

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    Sep 19, 2012
    This is a pre-order for hatching eggs. They will be for 2013. I am able to ship lots of weeks in the year. Can be an order of increments of 6 or 12. They might be different weeks due to back up of orders. It is a first come first serve basis. I will try to include extras if I have any. Some weeks I might have a lower laying rate than planned so it might delay an order. When ordering please say if you have a very strict schedule so I have to ship them the week you wanted. Please be honest because is you all say it is very important than I don't know who has an order that is very important. The price will be $12.00 and up for $12.00. It may be a little more expensive if it is very important because I need to plan far in advance. It will only be little more expensive sometimes. Another reason it would be more expensive is if the laying was less than expected.

    The pens you would be getting the eggs from contain

    Rooster: Golden Campine

    Pure Amerucana bantam
    White crested black Polish
    Easter Egger

    When the eggs are being shipped I will tell you what mixture of eggs you got. You can specify what you want with limits, but sometimes it is hard to tell. The fun of it is the mix.

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