Hatching Eggs: SFH, bantam Cochin, EE & Silver Grey Dorking (BIN, not an auction)


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Apr 24, 2011
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The Swedish Flower Hen pens consists of a mille roo, with a crested blue mille and a blue mottled in the first, and a blue mille roo with 2 mille fleur girls (one is very dark).

The bantam Cochins are now in 2 pens as well. I am now offering my red/buff project eggs. I have 2 girls laying and 2 roosters. One is a show quality buff, to help with the type on the reds, the other is a red with ok type. I'm getting 100% fertility and hatching a fairly equal number of buffs and reds right now. the buffs, bred back to each other should give you roughly 25% dark reds, or a buff to red should give you roughly 50%.

The EE pen consists of my rooster Weeble and 1 sfh girl (light brown eggs but their pullets will lay a bright blue) and my only EE hen (who lays a nice bright blue-green).

The Dorkings are now free ranging, but there are no other roosters on the yard, so they will be pure dorking. But there is a possiblilty of getting red/silver split cockerels. I have 6 silver hens and 2 reds currently with 2 silver grey roosters and one red rooster.

Right now, I'm getting 1-2 red cochin, 3-4 Dorking, 1-2 EE and 2-3 SFH eggs per day, because everyone else has decided to go broody.

Dorking, SFH & Red Cochin eggs are $3 each, EE's are $1 each plus s&h. Right now I can do up to 12 eggs in any combination, up to 4 eggs per pen. I always include extras, but they may not be a chosen variety, depending on how the hens are laying.

I wrap each egg individually and double box for safety. S&H costs depend on where they are going.

The primary pics loaded are of the roosters from each pen. I will include more pics as replies to this post.
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