Hatching Golf Balls

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    Thought this was kinda funny...... We had a little d'uccle hen that had hatched her first batch, litter, ???? She was a great little mommy. When the chicks were old enough, we passed them out to the 4-H kids to show at the fair. Once the last chick was adopted, our little hen went frantic and start gathering all the golf balls from the yard and putting them in her nest. Everyday we checked, she had another golf ball. Fearing that she would be heartbroken when her little brood didn't hatch, I start gathering eggs from our other chicken coop (brahmas & cochins) and stuck the oversized eggs under her, while removing the very hot golf balls. 21 days later she hatched chicks that were almost as big as her. It was hysterical watching her "mother" over these chicks that were half her size. Due to the weather, we had to bring the chicks inside and my little d'uccle is back to hatching her golf balls. I wish there were more mothers like her in the world !!![​IMG]
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    Awwww.... that is so sweet![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Awwwwww! [​IMG]
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    Don't golf balls make the hens realize that that's the place to lay?
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    how cute. Next time, leave 2 chicks with her though......that way, she will not be so upset and she will be able to rear 2, without them being too cold (I do have my bantams raise big chicks, just less of them). And yes.........PICTURES???????? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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