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    Apr 4, 2008
    Are the instuctions the same to hatch Guinea (sp) eggs as for chicken eggs? I read the sticky on hatching chicken eggs and am ready to give it a try. My guinea started sitting on her eggs last nite and this morning before the male birds came off the roost I went outside and waited sure enough I heard her start to call and I ran over to see which way she had come and was able to find the nest. She must have 20 or 30 eggs. I would let her set them but I am worried something will catch her at night. That is what happend to the last one that tried to set eggs. If I catch her and put her in the brooder with her eggs will she take to the new nest? Any suggestions welcome.
    My plan as of now is to get the eggs and try to incubate them myself. And if she still insist on sitting on the empty nest tonight I will catch her and move her into the hen house until she stops setting.
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    I have read that if you take her and the nest and the eggs, the hen will sit on them. The suggestion was a dog house or dark/quiet place is where she will be more comfortable and enlosed to protect. So i imagine the brooder would work

    i have some eggs in the bator, they take 28 days

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