Hatching humidity for too small air cells

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    May 9, 2012
    Background: I use a hovabator with fan and turner and I live in the mountains of new england.

    This year has been horrible for hatching for me, my last batch of eggs I only had 4 out of 15 hatch and these were my own eggs. Before that a whole shipment of turkey eggs went into the garbage at day 10 because they were duds. I've got 20 of my own eggs in right now and I'm at day 15. I had been following the guideline of 65 for humidity during day 1-18, hoping that would yield me a better hatch. I abandoned that plan at day 10 when the air cells were no where near where they were supposed to be. I haven't added any water since and my humidity has been around 35. I candled today and the air cells are better, but not as big as they should be yet. A bit bigger than where they should have been at day 7. Coming up to my hatch, does anyone have any ideas on how to get the best results out of what I am working with?
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    I would continue running the humidity as low as you can and wait until you have a pip before you lockdown and jack the humidity up. Hopefully those extra couple of days will give the air cells time to get where they need to be. Good luck!
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    xs 2 with a side note that hatching in higher alititudes is often tougher.

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