Hatching in forced air bator?

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  1. Does anybody here hatch in a forced air incubator?

    I have some eggs comming this friday or saturday, and counting 21 days ahead, they will be hatching 1 day after my call ducks. The call duck eggs will be using the hovabator that I usually hatch in.

    So, im thinking, of putting all the chicken eggs in at once in my brinsea octagon 40, and hatching them in there. Ive never hatched chicken eggs in the brinsea before. I have hatched a goose egg in the brinsea, and it hatched just fine.

    Maybe im worrying too much. [​IMG]
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    Mar 28, 2009
    Quote:Probably, try not to sweat it!
  3. I just that im worried about the fan drying out the membranes on the egg, but I guess if the goose egg hatched out just fine (and they need higher humidity) the chicken eggs should be just fine.
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    I've had 95% hatches on chicken eggs in my forced air the last couple times - my hatching of ducks (and now my goose) has been quite a bit less - I am wondering if, for the waterfowl, I shouldn't turn the fan off.

    But with chickens, I haven't had a problem, so you ought to do ok with them in there.


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