Hatching in next couple days 7/7!!!!!

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    So my boyfriend and I moved to a ranch with our dogs and horses and signed a LONG lease because we love the place. We have 8 hens and two roos. We jokingly call our place the free range chicken farm. I get 1-2 eggs per day and I put the first 7 in the 9200 incubator with egg turner. I did not even know if they were fertile. Well.......it turns out we have 7 out of 7 hatching by this Saturday!!!! I cant believe I have had 100% success with my own chickens eggs. I am thrilled.

    Then....I purchased Mottled Houdan, silkie, blue and gold wydonettes, and cochins. It seems that those are at 50-60% fertile right now in the bator from the shipped eggs. Those wont hatch till the end of the month. And some bearded d'uccle and cochin at the beginging of next month.

    Then we have some silver and gold campine eggs that I won on an auction here and the seller sent a TON of extra eggs. My boyfriend loves the campines he has seen in books so the mad hunt to find the silver ones turned out with 3 silver eggs and 15 gold on the way. Since they are a "rare" type of chicken we might build them their own run and actually work on breeding them to help restore the breed locally.

    I guess I got too egg bidding happy that we really will have a HUGE free range chicken farm on our 7 acres.

    I am addicted!

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    Have fun hatching. [​IMG] let us know how you make out.

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