Hatching in sportsman 1502

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    Mar 8, 2016
    I am trying to hatch about 84 maran eggs a week. The day before the hatch I usually get 3 or 4 chicks hatch. On the evening of the hatch i usually get about 35 to 40 more. I am wondering do I open the door and let the humidity go down and take out the 40 chicks or wait til day after and take all chicks out at same time.With one wick i can maintain humidity at about 70 percent. Last hatch I took chicks out on hatch day and breifly humidity dropped. The day after the expected hatch day i took out ten more chicks. My problem is there was ten or twelve eggs pecked thru with dead chicks in them and ten to twelve eggs with full grown dead chicks that didnt peck thru.I am wondering If when i opened to door and humidity dropped That hurt the twenty chicks that didnt make it. After the first chick hatched it was twentyfour hours when I opened the door.Can the first chicks live for 48 hours in the incubator if i keep the door shut and humidity up til they all hatch. I would appreciate some input with this delima.

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