Hatching late, but pipping early?


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Front Range - Colorado
This is hard to explain... I have been hatching a ton of eggs, and took in some duck and goose eggs from a friend. Much like my own duck eggs, the fertility rate was abyssmal. But I kept the eggs in the incubator longer than normal hoping for a late hatch. I got some.

His ducks hatched just fine, some early, some late, my bator is set to 100.5 deg, holding at 58% humidity. His goose eggs all started hatching after day 28. I had 3 successful hatches, but only one hatched on its own. These guys would pip and sit there for 24 hours or more with no progress. So I would panic and pull some shell away to see if they were OK. IOn the process, I'd find the membrane dried out and stuck, so I started helping these gys out of their shells. 2 came out fine. 2 started to bleed. We're now on day 30 or 31, and these goslings pipped themselves, and then sat for a day, but when I tried to help I found that they were NOT fully developed. It's what my daughter calls "their insides are on their outsides"

The last one that showed signs of this, I pulled away enough shell so that her head was free, so she could breathe, but left her for a while longer. My husband got frustrated and pulled her shell off the next day. She had some prolapse too, but has survived and seems fine now.

This morning, my turkeys started to pip on time. One of them was upside down, some fluid leaked from her egg and got her stuck to the tray. so I pulled some shell off to make sure she could still move, and get out of her shell. She seemed pretty stuck, so I pulled some extra shell away to make sure she wasnt glued in. And I saw some blood, and put her back in the hatching tray, hoping that she can continue to develop, even with some shell missing.

What is the deal? The goose eggs were WAY late in hatching to begin with, then start pipping while they are not fully developed? My turkeys are right on time, but I don't know what to think about having more pipped babies that aren't ready for the real world. Any ideas? What's the best way to help them?

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