Hatching Marans eggs

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    Apr 20, 2016
    Victoria, BC
    Are Marans eggs more difficult to hatch? I can't think of any reason they would be. I've just tried to incubate a dozen black copper Marans eggs i purchased, no shipping involved. 8/12 were fertile and developed full term, only two tried to hatch and both had curled up legs and had to be culled. The dozen Ameraucana eggs of my own I put in at the same time had 7 fertile, all hatched and are perfect.

    I am using a brand new sportsman. Spot on electronic controls.

    Just trying to figure out what happenef as the bought eggs were not shipped. It's my third hatch in the new incubator, and this problem did not occur with the other eggs.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    I never had a problem hatching my own marans eggs, but marans eggs of others I've tried to hatch, none hatched. My only problem is the majority were cockerels. Other people have said they have poor hatches and some of the reasons could be the dark eggs are more difficult to candle and with the heavier coating, the egg doesn't lose moisture as it should.
    Also, supposedly Marans roosters either aren't as fertile as other breeds or they don't breed as many hens. I've had one rooster for 17-20 hens and all my eggs were fertile and yet in books I've read that say if you want to breed black copper marans they suggested a ratio of one rooster to four hens or even three.
    I would say if your other eggs hatched, it wasn't the incubator's problem.
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    Apr 15, 2014
    I bought Marans eggs nearby and they hatched fine, actually better than the buff orphinton or RIR I put a dozen of each and got 11/12 Marans. Then I bought 3 dozen out of state and drove them back home in a cooler on towels so they wouldn't get jostled on the long drive. Those hatched great too. But the breeder I got them from said no humidity the first week (it's very dry here), then a little the second week, I use a jar. Then increase more the 3rd week until as high as you can get it at hatch, like mine was over 80%. Has anyone ever heard of this method? I've been doing it now for all my hatches but the leghorns lost way too much water.
  4. dekel18042

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    Jul 18, 2013
    No, but that would make sense. Since the leghorns are a production layer, the shells are probably thinner so they would lose more moisture in a dry atmosphere.
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    I can imagine how disappointed you must be. I recently hatched 5 BCMs from shipped eggs (shipped within my state from about 45 mins away drive time and I received them next day - seller didn't allow pick up, to my chagrin). 11 were shipped, 2 were clears, 1 was a blood ring @ 14 days. 6 made it to lockdown, but 1 was a late quitter. I know shipped eggs tend to have a poor hatch rate - I get much better results with my own flock's eggs, so I might stick to just hatching those and eggs I can pick up and drive home, myself.

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