Hatching Muscovies in a frig-a-bator


8 Years
May 9, 2012
I made a frig-a-bator and am on week 2 of hatching chickens and so far, all are developing nicely. Next in is going to be muscovy eggs and I'm not sure what I need to do for humidity. Following my mother's advice I'm doing a "dry" hatch and staying under 50% humidity. Apparently that's what works best around here. What do I need to change for the muscovies incubation? I'm still having issues keeping the temp steady, it varies 97-99, it was 99-102, but with all the eggs developing I don't want to mess with the temp in case I screw up and fry my eggs.


7 Years
Jun 2, 2012
With my duck and goose eggs, I keep them at 99.5 and the humidity at 30-35% for the majority of incubation. After a week of incubating, I start daily cooling (momma gets off her nest to eat and drink everyday). I cool for 15-20 mins. You could probably pull them out of the incubator and take the opportunity to candle some of those days. I also start misting the eggs around the same time. I use a spray bottle with warm water, spray them, then cool. Once I see an external pip, I raise the humidity to 60-70%. You can go into lockdown sooner if you want, that's just my method. Little extra care than chicken eggs but this helps raise the hatch rates of waterfowl.

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