Hatching now complete!! Babies and more babies...update pg. 3**PICS**

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  1. The first of 37 eggs just hatched...a Buff Orpington. We have about 24 purebred assortment eggs, 7 golden laced cochins and 6 lemon-blue cochins. Looks like a great 4th of July!
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    Keep us posted...since I'm done hatching till fall I've got to get my hatching fix through the rest of you!! [​IMG]
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    Jul 4, 2008
    :clapsend us some pics. keep us posted. congrats on the buffy.
  4. Now have an Andalusion. See my other post about a NHR zipping 1/2 then dying [​IMG]

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    How exciting! - I love the lemon blue color in any bird!
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  7. I think we got our first lemon-blue cochin!!! If any of you know what a lemon-blue cochin chick should look like, please see if it is this. It's the lighter yellow with the bluish look to it on the right. The other is a buff orpington and a black andalusion.

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    Just send me those 3 and you can have the all the others.....[​IMG] Looks like the hatch is on its way! [​IMG] Keep us posted.
  9. Now have 8 hatches:

    buff orpington
    2 - black andalusion
    1 - ancona
    1 - silver spangled hamburg
    1 - lemon-blue cochin
    1 - black cochin
    1 - golden lakenvelder
  10. UPDATE: This is the daughter, manning the night shift for this hatch. I'll probably be updating every time something peeps, wiggles, pips or hatches, so bear with the double posts. ^_^

    This time, the update is a grim one; we have our first confirmed birth defect. -_-
    When this black cochin was born, we immediatley noticed it was HUGE. As big as a four or five day old chick. It seemed alright at first, as the afterbirth was concealing it's main problem; rather than directly in the middle of it's bottom, it has an enlarged vent that is off to the left, almost midway between it's bottom and left leg. It's legs are so long it can't even stand up yet (though they ARE in proportion to his body) and it has only three toes on one foot. The toes on the other foot are partially misshapen. I haven't done anything because if these are "cosmetic defects", I want to at least give it a chance. We'll see what happens come morning.

    In happier news, we have a beautiful new Golden Lakenvelder. ^_^

    Keep your fingers crossed for these babies.

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