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    Jun 30, 2012
    Hi everyone..I have been trying to solve a problem im having when it gets to last few days during lockdown..I start out with an incub. full...candle them and usually by the 14th day I have a few duds... well are 2nd candleing is the lockdown on day 18..... I have several eggs hatch out fine...but some never make it, and I give extra days. after waiting for up to an extra 4 days I take the eggs and open them carefully to see what I find ,stages they stopped etc. I find a fully developed chick inside but alot of water, so I figured he must have drowned? what am I doing wrong as I love my lil babies...
    im using a lil giant 10200 comes with a fan installed. I keep the humidity level in begining stays from 35-50 1-18 then I increase it last days for hatching . what is a good percentage to set at on the last days? I usually do dry incubation first 18 days as my humidity in house keeps incubator between 30-50 on its own. I think my problem is the ending.
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    Aug 21, 2012
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    I'm using the same LG as you except no fan. I seem to have the same problem. I put the eggs in lockdown, knowing they are all viable eggs, but I will have a few that just never pip. If I open them up I will have a fully developed chick. I usually run my humidity day 1-18 around 30 to 35 percent, then up it to 50 - 65 percent during lockdown. I just had a hatch over the last 2 days with 20 mixed eggs, I have18 live chicks, 2 never pipped. I'm going to give them another couple days to see if these 2 hatch.[​IMG]

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