Hatching problem - need advice.sad update :( WARNING: GRAPHIC PICS!!!

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  1. On my other thread I asked about whether I should help out chicks with huge aircells on day22. I decided to leave them alone and let mother nature take it's course.

    However, I dropped my thermometer and cracked the aircell end of one of the eggs. It didn't just crack it, it pretty well shattered it. The shell just crumbled away. This happened a few hours ago and I decided to just turn up the humidity and leave it in the bator. The chick is still alive and moves around occasionally but isn't showing signs of wanting to "hatch". I have moistened the top of the chick...yes, the membrane did tear but not really much blood...just a tiny bit.

    What do I do now? Do I go ahead and take the chick out of the shell or leave it as long as it is breathing and moving around? The other two cochin eggs haven't pipped yet but they are also moving in the shell. Today is day 22...begins day 23 at 6:00 pm.

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    I have no idea but want to watch this thread as I am in a very similar spot with some cochin eggs. No pips, but the shells are just crumling under mama hen (2 dead, full formed chicks so far [​IMG] ), so I put them in the incubator and am crossing my fingers for the rest.
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    oh, I don't know the answer but I'm so sorry! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  4. In the photo, that is NOT the yolk sac. That is skin on the back side of the wing. I don't see a yolk sac anywhere. The chicks head is tucked under it's right wing in the correct position. If I gently lift the wing it is making little smacking movements with it's beak..(I started to say mouth!)
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    I am just going to tell you what I did with mine in similar situations. I hope it isn't bad advice but it worked with mine. I had serious humidity issues last hatch and had to help all of them. When they were in the shell but I wasn't 100% sure they were ready to come out I gently helped them get their head out of the shell so I KNEW they were breathing alright. I then just left them in the incubator to do the rest on their own. They wiggled around in there until they came out and did great. Good luck with the little guy.
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    My first thought is...Why was the incubator open so that the thermometer was dropped?
  7. Quote:I have a side door in my bator so I can work inside if necessary without losing heat or humidity. I was replacing the battery in the thermometer. Now I JUST replaced the battery with a new one prior to setting these eggs on day 18, so I don't know why it went out.

    With the small side door, the most I lose is 1 degree and 2% humidity. I've timed it and they are both back up to normal within 1-2 minutes.
  8. Quote:How long did they take to decide to 'come on out' ??
  9. luvmychicknkids

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    Seems like maybe about an hour or so....some a bit longer. I am not sure if it was necessary to take their heads out but it sure made me feel better knowing they were alright and they seemed to like being able to see and decide to kick the shell off.
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    I did the same thing I untucked their head and even moved the wing a little to give them some wiggle room. I even broke away a little of the shell WITHOUT touching the membrane.

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