Hatching Quail in LG 10300, have hygrometer concern

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    Alright. So I just set 63 quail in my LG yesterday and went out and bought an accurite hygrometer as my second backup to the probe temp/humidity monitor on the LG. The temp is within a degree of each, but my humidity is so far off I don't know which to go by, or how to fix it. I'm currently in a dry hatch, with my rh at 41% in the LG monitor, and 26% on the accurite. What in the world? Any ideas or suggestions, or, well anything really. I'm at a loss. I would say maybe the accurite is just a dud, but the temp seems reasonably accurate when compared to the LG probe. I don't know if I need to swap it for another one, or maybe I'm missing something. Really want to be able to monitor my humidity though. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Side note: my incubator has a fan in the center top, my LG probe is on the floor, egg level on the left side and my accurite is egg level with the sensors pointing towards the eggs at the bottom right side.

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    You can test the hygrometers with the salt test: http://www.cigarsinternational.com/cigar-101/article/29/salt-test

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