Hatching Seramas


11 Years
Jun 13, 2008
North Louisiana
I want to try my hand at hatching with an incubator. We typically let our broody hens hatch for us. However, I really want some Seramas and haven't been able to find any adults in my area therefore I guess I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands.

Are there any tips or tricks for these little guys? Will the Serama eggs fit in a quail egg turner or will I need to hand turn?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
I wouldn't start with seramas unless you want to waste a little money. They are a bit harder to hatch than other eggs anyway, then add the shipping stress, and first time incubating and it probably wouldn't be good. I would actually suggest some cheap local eggs as your first hatch. If you don't want to keep them just pick something you can sell. I killed a whole bunch of japanese bantams my first 2 hatches until I learned how my incubator worked. After hatching all winter and working out the details I finally got my first serama eggs this week.

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