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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cajun41887, Jan 23, 2019.

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    I have a Muscovy who was sitting on eggs. She’s a first time broody. She has rolled 4 out of 6 eggs out of the nest over the last week.ast one she rolled out was about a week ago and it’s in my incubator and progressing normally. Checking on her tonight and she rolled another out. This one is internally pipped. My problem is I have chicken eggs in the Bator with one week until hatch. I’m gonna turn egg turner off, but what about humidity?!? I dry incubate so humidity is at about 30%, but I know ducks need high humidity to hatch. I don’t want to drown my chickens though. What do I do?!?
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    Just gonna post what I posted in your other thread here too :)

    Go up to 65-70% for the hatch. As long as your chicken eggs were on track for proper air cell growth, it should be okay and they shouldn't be harmed. You can lower it back down once the ducklings are done hatching.
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    Pyxis is right. On the other hand, the worst that could happen with low humidity at hatching is shrink-wrapping, in which case you can always help the ducklings out. (Make sure they have pipped for long enough so the yolk is absorbed and the belly dry.)
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