Hatching turkeys underbroody (chicken) hens


6 Years
Oct 10, 2013
Leicester, East, Midlands, England, UK
I was so unlucky with hatching turkeys this year...
Bought a pair of adult Bourbon Reds but now of the eggs I got from them was fertile - I put some under a Muscovy and some in the incubator.
I bought some from eggs from Ebay - two lots. Lot one - none hatched. Lot two - two hatched (pure white although I was told they are pied!). One died three days later in the brooder, and the other one was living with quails for couple of weeks, then I bought some Norfolk black poults. The little white one drowned in the bucket of water at the age of 6 weeks...
The black poults started sleeping on top of the fence, I got scared something is gonna eat them at night, so I sold them. Now I'm regretting - I should have kept them.
This coming spring I'm planning to get a pair or trio of adult turkeys and incubate some eggs under broody chicken hen.
Has anyone tried that?
I used my bantam broody cochins to hatch all my turkey eggs, I will pull the poults and brood them myself, I did originally let the hens raise them but then they were almost impossible to integrate with the other turkeys and keep them out of my bantam pen, they got large and frightened the bantams, they thought they were chickens which can be dangerous to the chickens, otherwise they are the perfect incubators, 100% on eggs from my turkeys eggs and 50% on shipped eggs.

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