Hateful Old Rhodie


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
I tried to post this from my iPad and never saw where it went anywhere. I got 2, 4H raised Black Sex Links at the Fair about 3 weeks ago. I've had this breed before and they're good hardy layers. I got eggs for the first 3 days and now, nothing. They are not eating them or I'd at least find rimnants of shells. They live with one old Rhode Island who quit laying but served me well for several years. She's hateful and they are timid. But, they outnumber her.
The question is, what in the heck has happened to these two healthy young hens? There are more than enough laying boxes. I even moved one outside in a covered fenced area just to see if that made any difference. None. The three eggs each I got get were laid on the floor of the coop.
They're fully developed pullets and their combs, though not huge, indicate adulthood.
Sounds heartless but if they don't start paying for their keep, I refuse to carry water and feed during the winter for nothing in return. I won't kill them but I know for sure we have neighborhood racoons and foxes. I can always turn them out and turn my back.
Could that old hen have that much of an effect on them? She's hateful and the territory was hers long before the likes of them.
It's likely just the stress of a new home as well as adjusting to the older bird. They need some time to settle in and for the three of them to get their pecking order established. It can take a long time for new birds to be accepted, even when the existing "flock" is only one bird! The eggs you got those first three days are eggs that would have already been in "production" so to speak, before the birds came to you. But the stress of the move could easily have shut things down, very common. Just give them some time and let things settle down. The two new birds may outnumber the older bird but she is still the dominant bird and they are on her territory, she may very well be hateful towards them for a good long time. Chickens do NOT like newcomers!
They need time. They're living animals, not vending machines. If you moved to a new place with strangers and someone "hateful", your body might decide now wasn't the prime time to reproduce, either!

I kind of feel you're bordering on trolling with the comment about turning them out for predators. If they don't meet your needs, at least sell them or butcher them.

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