Hats Off to Peachick, HinkJC and others

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    I love BYC--not only do we get to meet online--every once and again we meet in person and oh--what a pleasure. Take the time to see other flocks and the quality of birds which local breeders have--the colors, varieties and health of the birds is outstanding. There is no substitute for dedication and true love of the breeds.
    Hinkjc -J&C have amazing Orpingtons, Araucana, and assorted interesting project specimens. Peachick has Cloudlike Sebastopol, True Blue Marans, and Pheasant etc. I can experience other breeds and species without having to build another pen--it is like admiring a lovely garden. So many chickens--too little time....
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    Awww Ellie, that was so sweet of you. [​IMG] It is always our pleasure to have you at our home. We truly enjoy the visits and lots of chicken talk. It's great to hear you enjoy them too. [​IMG]

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