Have 2 hens that are broody and am leaving soon...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by americana-chick, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Both the hens went broody a about the same time, im not for sure how long ago it was because i didnt know if they where broody for sure or not. I think it was anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks ago. I am leaving for a trip this thursday and im afraid that one of the hens chicks might start hatching while i am gone. They are in a raised nest box that hens have to jump to get in and im afraid the chicks would die from falling off it. I really dont have anywhere to put the broody hens while i am gone since I have to stock up all the chickens with food water and the person who is taking care of our goats is going to just check my chickens water every now and then.
    What should i do?!
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    I would just make sure there is a little ramp they can go down, and also put plenty of hay around the nest boxes, so it will cushion their fall....Hope everything goes well! Don't forget to make sure there's water and food that the chicks can reach......

    I'll bet your friend would check on them for you........Or maybe a neighbor's older child that you could count on?
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    Can you move them to the floor? A three sided small box on the floor, in a corner would give them some sense of privacy like the nesting box, but if babies hatch they would not fall out and mama could protect them. [​IMG]
    I regularly move moms and eggs from the high nesting boxes to a lower spot during the last week of waiting. Make the move at night in as much dark as possible.. very quietly and calmly.
    Also I would move each mom/eggs to an opposite side of the pen so they each have their own space and don't decide to kill the others babies.
    Good luck with the hatching. [​IMG]

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