Have a hen with day old chicks, can I introduce more??


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Apr 24, 2013
I have a small coop with one hen and 3 babies that she hatched yesterday. I've read about introducing chicks to a broody hen...just wondering if there is any way I could purchase a few more chicks and get her to accept them? Will she "adopt" them along with the three babies she already has? If this does not seem possible, what about rasing chicks indoors in a brooder and trying to get them accepted in a few weeks? I am new to raising chickens, but we would like to have a few more in our flock. Our R.I.R. mother hen is very protective though, so I'm just not sure if this would be possible! Help!


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Oct 28, 2011
Tehama, Nor Cal (way nor)
I have introduced new chicks and ducklings to hens that have already raising chicks for 2 weeks and they normally accept them fine. I saw a hen act semi aggressive to a duckling I introduced but she accepted after about 15 minutes. I think she was just thrown off by the way it looked so different but once she realized it was just another little kid who needed a mom she accepted it.

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