Have a peeper, no bater, mom has abondond egg - questions

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  1. My wild hen has hatched out 5 chicks and taken the other 5 eggs out of the nest. I brought the eggs in and candled them. Two were infertile (no start I guess) One had a dead baby at about day 12 as it looked and the last had a dead baby at maturity.

    The peeper is in my brooder. I have the ceramic heat lamp one it. The shell is opened for air and I can hear the little guy peeping away.

    Problem is my bator has Seramas in it and they can not be disturbed as the turner is still going.

    I do not have any way to regulate the humidity, I just have a warm coffee cup of water in there.

    I have to leave today, no choice. Any one out there experienced this sort of thing and is there something I can do for the little guy ?

    I can take him out, nor will I zip the shell for him. I do not know if he is still absorbing the yolk sack and opening the egg will cause a problem as there is little humidity.

    Thanks in advance .........................
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    I'm sorry I really dont know the right answer but was wondering could a wet wash cloth or paper towel do it?
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    if nothing else I would do what you are doing or maybe use a heating pad in a plastic tub of some sort and put a warm washcloth under the egg to help hold the humidity. Cover the bucket with a towel.
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    Do you have some way of enclosing the space he is in to help keep humidity in? A lid or anything? Maybe soak a couple of sponges and place them in there if so. Are the temps reasonable for a hatch? I wish I had a answer for you. [​IMG] Hope the little one makes it.
  5. We had to open the shell. We did it gradually and first took the air sack part off. Then when we got back we got him down to the yolk sack.

    He is out and will now continue to hatch out sorta normal. Still do not know if he has absorbed the yolk sack, but it is not too bloody and he is peeping up a storm.

    He is a wet paper towel and is basically out.

    Looks like MOM has a new addition. i will put him in with MOM tomorrow evening. Mean while I will put some starter food in and some water with a touch of molasses.

    Thanks all.
  6. OK, so the baby is dried and I have dunked her beak in the water and put out some starter. She is on paper towels for this day.

    The wife came in and put the little one in the fold of a wash cloth and she is FAST asleep. The wife is pretty amazing, she is so good with animals and she just tells me it should come naturally.

    have not heard a peep (this must be where this saying comes from) for a good while. I am using a ceramic heat coil so no light is interfering with the chickies sleep. I discovered this the last few hatches and it works so very well.
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    That's just what I love about this forum. There are not a lot of absolute answers out there, so people do what seems best, report the results, and hopefully help a few others if faced with something similar.

    Thanks to all!

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