Have a Silkie, and looking to add another couple chickens to the coop.


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Jun 11, 2017
Mobile, AL
I hope I'm starting this in right section. Kind of strange how this has all happened, but we had a Silkie chick wonder in our yard. We tried to find her home, but nobody claimed her, and my kids got attached, so now we have a chicken. I got the coop almost completely set up, but since we are going to have a chicken we might as well have a few. My yard is pretty large (probably around an 1/2 acre-ish), and I have a six foot fence. We are on board with getting two, maybe three more chicks but not sure what to get. We would really like to have the eggs, but also enjoy having additional pets, and want everyone to get along. With that being said I'm looking at either an Buff Orpington or a Australorp, but want to make sure they will not bully the silkie. They will be in a small coop for a chunk of the day, but anytime we are home we're hoping to let them roam the yard. Once we get this figured out I think we'll be pretty happy with what we got, and be happier to have new pets and eventually fresh eggs. Anyone have a suggestion, or opinion of having either Buff Orpington or a Australorp with a Silkie? Thanks for any advice.
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That is so fortunate! I wish I could just find a cute baby chick in my yard!
I think a buff orpington or australorp would be fine, although the silkie may be bullied. We keep standard and bantams together and do not have any major problems.

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