Have another sick 3 year old hen - lethargic, comb darkening

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  1. troutfarm

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    Mar 30, 2010
    Another one of my beautiful girls is sick. I lost her sister a couple of months ago, similar symptoms. She is lethargic, will not go out of the coop, stays in one place by herself. Her comb and wattles are darkening, almost black. She has no difficulty breathing, no mucus or anything like that, stools are nothing out of the ordinary. I have a heat lamp on during the night, days have been warm. She has electrolytes in her water. I have a vet appointment tomorrow for her but wondered if anyone had any advice for now? Should I try the water soluable tetracyline hydrochloride? Any advice is MUCH appreciated...
  2. EmmyGirl

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Skippack, PA
    I'm sorry about your hen... That's great that you're taking her to the vet--I couldn't even venture a guess what could be going on with her. Good luck and hope she's ok!!

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