Have are chicks got gape worm?


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May 18, 2010
I am woried about my month old bantam chicks, they keep on streching their neeks and opening their mouths. Some people say it might be gape worm but i need to know if it truely is.Also they are snezzing, Have you got any ideas? If you have got any ideas how young they have to be to have gape worm treatment please tell.

Thank you Clogadoo
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Gapeworm eggs are found in the soil where they are eaten by earthworms, slugs, snails, some beetles, etc and then grow to the larvae stage. They become the intermediate hosts of gapeworm. Chickens can become infested by ingesting the soil that contains eggs, but most often is is from ingesting the intermediate hosts - earthworms, snails, and slugs containing the larvae. If your chicks are still in the brooder with no access to the soil and you have not been feeding them any of those intermediate hosts (like earthworms), it is unlikely that they have gapeworm.

Thanks. Even if they dont have worms we have to worm them anyway so how old do they have to be, is it fine to worm them at this age? Also we incubated them and they go out side now during the day (this is are first time we've had bantams/ chickens).
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If you hold them up to your ear and listen to them breathe (like an ear muff) do you hear clicking? If you hear faint clicking, it's a respiratory problem.
Ok i've just done that i can here a slight clicking, what does this mean
because you have to start worming them don't you? Or in their life they will get worms
All chickens stretch their necks and appear to yawn - they're adjusting the food in their crops. You notice it a lot more with chicks because they tend to pig out a lot. Don't immediately assume they have gape worm.
(Don't ignore it if they DO get it, of course.)

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