Have Decided On Cute Cuddly Cochins, But LF or Bantam


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Jun 26, 2012
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Hey everyone,
Over the summer I lost the most friendly chicken I have ever known, Phoebe. She was a Red Sex Link but the most friendly thing you ever met. She knew her name, would come into the house, can pick her up she never squated she just let you do it. Kids could carry her around everywhere. Looking to get another friendly chicken research led me to the Cochin. So Im thinking they might be the bird for us. I have fallen in love with the blue self or lavender color. (I use to breed blue self fancy rats. So I love the color)
The question is now Large Foul or Bantam. Space is not an issue as we have over 5 acres. But it looks to me that the banties are easier to find. Also if anyone know of a good breeder? Not in a hurry to get them. I want to build them their own pen first. So it would be around Feb or March of 2020. Thanks for reading!
If you want a friendly chicken then Cochins are great. If you want eggs, get some other breed. For part of this summer I had 5 Cochin hens with 3 of them broody at the same time. Have never had Bantams so do not know which might be best for you.
I'm a huge bantam fan. I have a few Mottled Bantam Cochins, and they are really neat little birds. Mine lay really well in early spring, then go broody. ALL OF THEM. It also takes a long time to break them. Like, two weeks in a rabbit hutch. They are stubborn as all get out! Oh, and sometimes they go broody in winter. I had one disappear, thought she was a goner, then I saw her sneaking out for food one day. She was under the deck with a clutch of eggs!
If you want a friendly chicken that will be a premium incubator and an awesome mama, a Bantam Cochin will fit the bill.
One thing to keep in mind is the leg and foot feathering with our lovely wet weather. They get a bit icky, though with plenty of space and a nice dry coop, they do pretty well. Let us know what you end up doing, and post pics!
Below, Fox, my very favorite girl posing like a model, and again with her first hatch of shipped eggs. She is an amazing mother.
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If i had the space i would have got the large breeds. I've heard the roosters are nice. I got the bantams but I've heard the roosters can get feisty mean. I want them to go broody lots of plans for lots of chick hatching! :D
I find my big cochins to be less active than my bantams.

I also see my big ones suffer in the heat more than the bantams.

That said broody butts are definitely NOT active. :lau
Cochins are rather broody.....:hmm

For friendly big active birds my orpingtons and black sex links are pretty decent. The Sex links are less great with flock members as they can be rather bossy.
I must say , I agree with you about Cochins. I have 3 of my original 6 left. They are going on 6 yrs in spring . Lost 2 to fox when we moved from town to country and lost one this summer to a tumor . I so dread losing any of my remaining 3. They talk to me , sing to me , meet me when I drive in or open back door of kitchen. I can pick them up , dust them , inspect them and they never hold a grudge.
I was given Ayam cremani chicks this spring and if all chickens were like the cremani I would not have chickens. Maybe I’m spoiled by my sweet Cochin girls .
Sounds like cochins and pretty awesome no matter what the size!

I know when it comes to personality sometimes its just luck of the draw more than breed. Look at Phoebe. She was the type of hen that was not afraid of any thing. She would walk right up to a crowd of people, hop in your lap, and start eating the food off your plate. I took her to my kids preschool, even a dozen 4 year olds didnt phase her. Phoebe was just a red sex link. I got her for free from Costal feed store as a promotion. So you never know.

I am looking for more of a pet chicken. I have other layer breeds so egg production is not an issue. I am planning on building a nice new dry enclosure so they will be covered and keep their feet dry. I have never owned banties, I like big eggs. Since Im more seeking a few fluffy companions small eggs not a prob. I do however have a soft spot for large animals. I guess its up to me. I think I will ask my girls too. My 7 year old has asked if she can raise a chicken of her own and show it at the fair. Bantams may be a better choice, easier to handle.

Oh and if anyone knows of a breeder of either types that have self blues, lavender please let me know. Will be wanting chicks or eggs this up coming spring!

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